David Blaine Street Magic - YouTube Edition

David Blaine brings his famous street magic to YouTube. Watch as the famous magician blows the minds of two Los Angeles idiots. WARNING: This magic is amazing.

HDR Interiors

Interiors and Still life in HDR Photography.

Jet-Man - The Incredible Flying Man

Jet-Man is Yves Rossy (from Switzerland) he is the first man ever to be able to fly following Icare's dream, with true wings and a jet-pack.

Hard Gay Cooking with Kids

Hard Gay, kids and natto.

Turtle Boy

The new star wars kid..

Sea World

Believe Shamu Show at Sea World, CA, Theme Park, taken August 12, 2006..

SeaWorld is a chain of marine mammal parks in the United States, with operations in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, San Antonio, Texas, and previously Aurora, Ohio. The parks feature killer whale, sea lion, and dolphin shows and zoological displays featuring various other marine animals. The parks' icon is Shamu, the killer whale.

SeaWorld parks also feature a variety of thrill rides, including roller coasters like Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando and Steel Eel and The Great White at SeaWorld San Antonio. Journey to Atlantis, a combination roller coaster and splashdown ride, can be found at both SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego and in 2007 at SeaWorld San Antonio. The parks are owned by Busch Entertainment Corp., the family entertainment division of Anheuser-Busch, which is best known for brewing beer but also owns nine theme parks. On March 5, 2007, SeaWorld Orlando announced Aquatica to its adventure park family, which already includes SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. [1]

One of the biggest attractions is the Shark Encounter, in which guests are carried through a submerged acrylic tube into the sharks' tank. Another famous ride is Wild Arctic, simulating a helicopter ride to the Arctic. After the ride, the guests arrive at a simulated base station, where they can observe polar bears, Pacific walruses, and beluga whales. Another attraction is the Penguin Encounter, showcasing a variety of penguins. In addition, an attraction features endangered Florida manatees. The park has an extensive playground for children, Shamu’s Happy Harbor (formerly called "Cap’n Kids’ World").
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